Shipping & Handling


In order to enable a flawless delivery, our table tops and frames are delivered by our drivers in Faust transporters specially designed for the tops. Since our drivers are always on their own and deliver to several customers nationwide, delivery is made to the curb as standard. The only exception are E2 frames, which are sent directly by the manufacturer Adam Wieland via UPS (throughout Germany).

Delivery notice

In the week before the planned delivery date. We will announce ourselves by email and give you the phone number of the respective driver, who will also be available to you by phone on the delivery day for any queries.

Shipping costs & Exceptions

< 1.00kg (Standard delivery)
7.00 € (basic price) incl. 19% VAT
1.00kg - 8.00kg (Standard delivery)
26.00 € (basic price) incl. 19% VAT
< 50.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
70.00 € (basic price) incl. 19% VAT
50.00kg - 100.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
45.00 € (basic price) + 1.00 €/kg incl. 19% VAT
> 100.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
45.00 € (basic price) + 0.80 €/kg incl. 19% VAT

Shipping costs above are valid for the following countries: Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland. Inquiries about shipping costs outside of these countries and worldwide: Send us an order with the country in question, we will send you a non-binding quote. In addition to the shipping costs, (including general handling and costs for customs clearance) any applicable fees as well as the individual countries’ import taxes and sales taxes (VAT) must be considered.

Delivery times

Linoleum table tops: 4-6 weeks
Plus-minus system: 4-6 weeks
Table frames, ravioli stools and Accessories: 1-2 weeks

Delivery to France only in certain regions

We manufacture our linoleum tabletops according to your wishes, with the highest quality and care. We keep this care also on the way of transport to you:
Our own drivers deliver your order.
For this reason, we can currently only deliver to certain areas in France – we hope for your understanding!

Delivery to France
only to the following regions:
Haut-de-France, Île-de-France and Grand-Est

When you enter your delivery address, the possibility of delivery to your region is automatically checked.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service!
info [ at ] faustlinoleum [ dot ] com