Shipping & Handling


Within Germany and close EEC neighbour countries we deliver directly to the address requested in your order. Please send us detailed information about your location. We will inform you about the extact delivery and give you the contact details of our driver as soon as the delivery is planed. Depending on the size and quantity of your order, you are responsible for arranging assistance for the courier. He will deliver the items as far as the first lockable door. Any further arrangements with the courier are negotiable, our driver will be glad to help, and tips are encouraged.

Deliveries within the European Union:
We charge the German VAT (19%) for deliveries within the European Union unless you provide us with a valid VAT number (valued added tax no.) when ordering. The items will be sent per forwarding agency.

Smaller parcels containing desktops or pinboards will be shipped per standard delivery. If you require the delivery within a specific time frame, please inform us on the details. The type and cost of delivery will always be shown in the order confirmation that we send you.

Shipping costs

< 1.00kg (Standard delivery)
7.00 € (basic price) incl. 16% VAT
1.00kg - 8.00kg (Standard delivery)
26.00 € (basic price) incl. 16% VAT
< 50.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
95.00 € (basic price) incl. 16% VAT
50.00kg - 100.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
45.00 € (basic price) + 1.00 €/kg incl. 16% VAT
> 100.00kg (Order with table tops, shelfsystem, etc - Delivery by FL)
45.00 € (basic price) + 0.80 €/kg incl. 16% VAT

Shipping costs above are valid for the following countries: Sweden, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland. Inquiries about shipping costs outside of these countries and worldwide: Send us an order with the country in question, we will send you a non-binding quote. In addition to the shipping costs, (including general handling and costs for customs clearance) any applicable fees as well as the individual countries’ import taxes and sales taxes (VAT) must be considered.

Delivery times

Customized Linoleum tabletops: about 3-4 weeks
Canteen Legs: up to 3 months
Plusminus Shelf: 2-3 weeks
Ravioli Stool: 7 work days
Items in stock and other products: immediately