BEAM – The versatile aluminium table leg. New arrival!

Tip Top Tabletop – New linoleum colors & shapes!

Now available in S, M & L! The Ravioli Stool with soft linoleum seat.

Free Linoleum samples!

This fits to our tables – Plusminus, the modular linoleum shelf.

Design your very OWN Linoleum Table, with our E2 table stands

This fits to our table tops – the Ravioli Stool with soft linoleum seating.

HUBERT – The height adjustable table stand! #tiptoptabletop

Beam Leg

The Beam leg has been developed by Faust Linoleum, together with the Designer Daniel Lorch. It consist of a bespoke aluminium profile with a statically optimised, elegant geometry. The table legs are available in different lengths of 71, 42, 32 and 27 cm, so that a variety of table and seat solutions, such as desks and dining tables, benches, side or coffee tables can be realized.

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Free linoleum samples!
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Ravioli stool

The archetypal stool Ravioli consists of a linoleum seat and a classic steel frame. In cooperation with the designer Daniel Lorch, Faust Linoleum developed a new production process to form linoleum in 3D and solidly fix it with a carrier material.

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Customized Linoleum tables
Design your very OWN table with our new 3D configurator.

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Roll-Up Bin

The Roll-Up Bin designed by Michel Charlot can be playfully rolled up like a pair of jeans. In this charming way, it adapts to various needs. It is available in four different sizes and colors and was presented with Iconic Design Award 2016 “Best of the Best“.

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